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Simant  Bardewa 


Simant Bardewa is a Music Producer, Mixing and Mastering Engineer, Musician and the founder of Enlight Studios.

Simant started his musical ventures as a musician/frontman of the extreme metal band, Svaraa, and currently on Roet. Throughout his role as a musician and a band member, he also has been studying the art of mixing, mastering and music production. His ventures for producing the perfect metal production lead him further into the music production business. He started his production career with Roet's debut EP, Enlight, and is currently providing mixing and mastering services here at Enlight Studios. 

Simant has been studied degree in Professional Music Industry Practice in Guitar at the Academy of Contemporary Music and achieved a 1st Classification honors degree. He is aiming to finish his education with a Master's degree of Music Production. 

During this process, he started Enlight Studios to provide professional quality metal/rock mixing and mastering services, improving his craft with every release and further growing the potential of great service that Enlight Studios provides. 

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